Discover the story behind Lactium®

October 16, 2015

Did you know the story of Lactium® began when Ingredia researhers noticed the tranquility of a baby after drinking milk?

By observing that recently digested milk soothed and calmed newborns, they discovered a milk peptide with relaxing properties. After 12 years of research in Ingredia`s laboratories in collaboration with University of Lorraine in France, Lactium® was born.

Take a journey through the story of Lactium® and its efficient actions for stress management with Jean-François Boudier, Director of Lactium® research and Marc Dellière, M.D, General Practitioner in France.

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  • Throughout studies, made in accordance with OECD guidelines and Good Laboratory Practices, Lactium® has shown no undesirable side-effects, addiction or toxicity.
  • According to Marc Dellière, Lactium® can be used by all ages – both children and adults. It is also recommended for active people and athletes.
  • Lactium® has been approved according to regulations enforced around the world.
  • Lactium® can be incorporated in multiple finished products: dietary supplements as well as functional foods and drinks.

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