New generation of fish oil extract

Technical data
Clinical studies

Omega PC™ features:

  • Omega PC™ better preserves the natural nutrient profile as found in fish.
  • Phospholipids, a major component of Omega PC™, are known to increase Omega 3 absorption the two fold compared with fish oil.
  • Enzymotec’s Omega PC™ is manufactured by a propriety MSO™ process which better preserves the natural form of the omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Omega PC™ is produced under ISO22000:2005 requirements, attesting to its high quality, and under Good Manufacturing Practice.
Technical data


Omega PC™ is composed of fish lipid extract (99-100%) and antioxidants (0-1%).

Recommended use and dose:

Clinical studies

Each of the Omega PC™ components was tested for safety and efficacy by a battery of pre-clinical and clinical trials, which proved its safety and beneficial contribution to human health. These studies revealed that Omega PC™ may be effective for multiple indications, from:

  • chronic inflammation to hyperlipidemia,
  • cognitive function,
  • fatty liver disease,
  • joint health and more.