ROC – sunscreen from within

November 20, 2015

Bionap s.r.l.’s leading ingredient Red Orange Complex offers natural protection against damaging exposure of UV-radiation.ROC

ROC is derived from 3 pigmented varieties of blood orange, that are grown in challenging surroundings of Mount Etna volcano. Specific blend of metabolites, that usually strengthen plant’s defense, are now available in unique complex for human health.

Clinically proven:

  • Addition of ROC in keratinocyte cell culture confirms usefulness in prevention of cutaneous damage generated by UV sun exposure
  • Oral ROC supplementation counteracts skin hyperpigmentation of solar lentigo induced by repeated UV exposure and improves the homogeneity of skin tanning
  • Strong antioxidant activity confirmed in several clinical studies. ROC is able to decrease oxidative stress in subjects with compromised anti-oxidative defenses – smokers, sportsmen, diabetics, people exposed to pollution

Bionap’s Red Orange Complex is perfect ingredient for beauty from within dietary supplements. It enables skin to be evenly tanned and protects it against sunburns or photoaging. ROC’s strong anti-oxidative properties have positive impact on the whole body, help to keep it healthy and slow down aging process.