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NEWCAFF™: Sustained caffeine release with a clean taste

NEWCAFF™ is a novel caffeine delivery system that has been designed to mask the bitter taste of caffeine and to provide sustained release.  It comes in two different versions: 60% and 75% caffeine content. Designed by using lipid hot-melt fluid bed microencapsulation technique to provide a controlled release of caffeine with the additional benefit of masking its objectionable bitter taste.

Caffeine release from NEWCAFF™ was tested using a standard method following the Health Canada official method of determination of the disintegration time D0-25 by being submitted to digestion process. Both versions (60% and 75%) showed a good retention and an improved in vitro sustained release profile when compared to unencapsulated caffeine.

NEWCAFF™ is suitable for energy power blends, bars, gels, chewables, food supplements, milkshakes, confectionery, and chewing gum, etc.

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