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Hermes Consilium acts as an exclusive distributor of clinically supported ingredients for food
supplements and other nutritional products in the region of Central & Eastern Europe.
We represent some of the most established ingredient suppliers in the world.

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Actazin®, kiwifruit prebiotic for bowel regularity

Actazin® is a natural whole fruit prebiotic, clinically proven to increase weekly bowel movements and improve constipation symptoms and quality of life.

This non-GMO New Zealand green kiwi fruit ingredient gently supports the digestive system without side effects. It is free from added sugars and preservatives, backed by a clinical study, and has great taste.

Various studies, conducted on green kiwi fruit, have confirmed the microbiome-modulating effects of its components. The results are consistent with the ones obtained by using Actazin®.

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Actazin® fact sheet

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