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Hermes Consilium acts as an exclusive distributor of clinically supported ingredients for food
supplements and other nutritional products in the region of Central & Eastern Europe.
We represent some of the most established ingredient suppliers in the world.

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Lactium®, a natural and unique answer for stress management

Lactium® is an all-natural milk protein hydrolysate that contains a bioactive decapeptide a-casozepine with soothing properties. It was discovered due to the observation of the calm state of a baby after drinking milk.

By acting on the receptors in the central nervous system, Lactium® decreases stress-related symptoms and helps to cope with occasional and everyday stress. It is a natural bioactive that causes no side effects, in terms of sedation or addiction. 

Lactium®’s efficacy in improving stress disorders is proven by 9 clinical trials. A consumer satisfaction study conducted in 2021 on over 300 consumers, who took a 300 mg dose over the course of 30 days, also proved, that 8 out of 10 consumers are satisfied with Lactium®’s benefits.

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