Jul 11

A growing demand for longevity supplements

Consumers are increasingly concerned about preserving their wellness for the future. A large gap exists between life expectancy and years spent in good health (11 years on average in the EU countries). Unsurprisingly, supplements that address various aspects of longevity, represented around 2/3 of the total dietary supplement market in 2023 (Euromonitor International).

Longevity supplements are a growing trend in the CEE region

Key points:

  • 43% of European consumers are worried about growing older (STADA Health Report, 2024)

  • the Vitamin Shoppe named cognitive support as one of the biggest driver in their healthy ageing supplements sales in 2023, with a 45% sales growth from the previous year

  • in order to live a healthier life, 67% of global consumers are willing to pay for dietary supplements and personalized nutrition, even if the service is not covered by health insurance (Roland Berger)

  • one of the growing trends in supplements is “pro-age marketing” with products positined specifically for ageing hair, ageing skin, and so forth (SPINS)

  • consumers believe that mental well-being, stress management, nutritional health, and cognitive support are among the factors that will most impact current generations as they age (The Vitamin Shoppe)

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