Dec 22

Gnosis by Lesaffre launches vitaMK7® Matrix

Our partner Gnosis by Lesaffre is launching a new and upgraded version of vitaMK7® natural vitamin K2 with enhanced protection: vitaMK7® Matrix.

This latest innovation is the result of proprietary technology that protects the particles of MK-7 with no coating, additives, or additional ingredients.

Research shows that moisture and mineral salts are critical variables for degradation, driving the need for a protective technology to shelter the menaquinone molecules during shelf life.

Ensuring the stability of menaquinone ingredients in complex finished product formulations is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Expertise is required to ensure the correct ingredient solution is provided depending on the final formulation and application.

“Stability is a constant issue facing commercial partners with the desire to create complex vitamin K2 formulations. Historically Gnosis by Lesaffre R&D Team has been able to guide them through the process to ensure their products were stable,” says Dr. Sophie Legrain-Raspaud, Global Research and Applications Director with Gnosis by Lesaffre. “With vitaMK7® Matrix, that process is now more efficient because the carrier is organized as a matrix to embed the K2 as MK-7 particles, thus leading to products hitting the market much faster.”

vitaMK7® Matrix offers formulators:

  • Improved homogeneity of the powder, making it easier to handle and formulate
  • Best in class stability, especially with mineral complexes
  • Improved dispersibility
  • The ability for formulas to keep a short and unchanged list of ingredients with no additives