Gut health is among top consumer priorities for the future.
May 29

Gut health still a consumer priority

Growing research and coverage on the gut microbiome and its effect on overall health has piqued consumer interest. Global and CEE brands are responding with digestive health launches based on biotic ingredients and positioned for additional benefits.

We have prepared a presentation with collected market data.

Key points:

  • globally and in the CEE region, digestive health has consistently been among the largest dietary supplement categories in recent years (Euromonitor)

  • an increasing share of new product launches with digestive health claims are based on prebiotic and probiotic ingredients (52,6% globally in 2023 and 31,9% in CEE) (Mintel GNPD)

  • about half of the global consumers wish to improve their gut health in the next year (FMCG Gurus)

  • 72% of Polish consumers recognize the link between digestive and overall health (FMCG Gurus)

  • for more market differentiation in this large segment, brands are communicating additional benefits of their digestive health products, such as immunity

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