Healthy ageing is becoming a top consumer priority.
Nov 30

Healthy ageing – a consumer priority

The pandemic has driven a shift in awareness and younger consumers are more concerned than ever about preserving their wellness for a healthier future. Despite the global trend of increasing life span the gap between life expectancy and years spent in good health remains. In the EU countries this gap is 11 years on average. Healthy ageing is becoming more and more important to consumers, who are also becoming more proactive towards nutritional health management.

We have prepared a presentation with collected market data.

Life expectancy is increasing, but the gap between life span and years spent in good health is still large.

Key points:

  • dietary supplement categories that address healthy ageing (beauty, bone, digestive, eye, and heart health, immune system, joints, memory health, mood/relaxing, and women’s health) represented around 2/3 of the total global dietary supplement market in 2023 (Euromonitor)

  • the situation is similar in the CEE

  • in order to live a healthier life, 67% of global consumers are willing to pay for dietary supplements and personalized nutrition, even if the service is not covered by health insurance (Roland Berger)

  • leading brands (globally and in the CEE) are increasingly communicating the promotion of healthy ageing on their products and are launching healthy ageing products based on clinically studied, branded ingredients

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