Feb 28

Hermes Consilium partners with world-renowned Fitoplancton Marino

Fitoplancton Marino, world renown for microalgae production is the latest to join the list of companies partnering with Hermes Consilium. Presenting innovative ingredient TetraSOD for advanced products in oxidative stress prevention with our exclusive distribution on CEE markets.

In the world of marine-based ingredients, Fitoplancton Marino stands as a leader in the production of high added value functional products.

Innovative technology applied in the research and production processes has been exclusively developed for the company’s needs by internal Engineering and R&D departments. This technology does not only allow them to improve production, but also guarantees the highest Quality Control standards. The result – extensive proprietary knowledge, experience and successful product applications worldwide.

As the first microalgae production company to receive ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 certifications, Fitoplancton Marino shows its strong commitment to safety, quality, efficiency, responsibility and sustainability.