Jan 14

Immunity data – what do consumers want?

The global pandemic has caused a surge in demand for immune-boosting supplements, that is projected to last. But how to address the market?

We have prepared a presentation with collected market data information.

Key figures:

  • immunity, digestive, joint, eye health, and mood/relaxing supplements grew more than the total market average in 2020 global sales

  • 32,6% of supplement consumers are immunity seekers (people who report consuming vitamins and dietary supplements specifically for immune health)

  • immunity seekers are much more frequent users of VDS (vitamins and dietary supplements) – 47% claim usage daily or almost every day, as opposed to just 26% of all respondents

  • doctors/medical professionals are the leading source of information for immunity seekers -formulating clinically supported products may thus be a prudent choice

  • immunity seekers are also interested in other benefits aside from immune support – 82% of them also request general health

  • even the most popular ingredients such as vitamin C are being consumed by less than 40% of global immunity seekers, which means that this group engages broadly on the topic of immunity

  • formulating with several and diverse ingredients with additional health benefits may appeal to larger spectrum of supplement consumers

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