Immune health supplement category is crowded with new product launches. Added-value ingredients can help your product to stand out in the market.
Sep 26

Immunity – stand out in a crowded market

Immunity is one of the largest and fastest-growing (even after the post-pandemic slow-down) supplement categories in the CEE region. It is also the category with the highest share of new product launches. To achieve market success, it is crucial for your product to stand out in this crowded market. This is possible through the use of added-value ingredients.

We have prepared a presentation with collected market data.

Key points:

  • global sales of immunity supplements have grown at a 6,9% CAGR in the past 5 years (2019-23), while new immunity launches have grown more, with a 8,8% CAGR (Euromonitor, Mintel)

  • in 2023, immune health had the largest market share among dietary supplement categories in several CEE countries (Euromonitor)

  • with 31,5% immune health functional claim is the number 1 positioning of new product launches in the CEE region in 2023 (Mintel)

  • global and CEE companies are standing out through the use of biotics, added-value ingredients, multifunctional products, user-friendly product formats, and specific or combined product positioning

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