webinar on probiotic and prebiotic market opportunities in central and eastern europe by hermes consilium and gnosis by lesaffre
Sep 08

Market opportunities for probiotics and prebiotics

A webinar by Hermes Consilium and Gnosis by Lesaffre

Hermes Consilium and Gnosis by Lesaffre hosted a webinar to help you better understand the market opportunity of biotics in Central & Eastern Europe.

One hour session offers a deep dive into the world of probiotics and prebiotics to help you develop “Innovactive” products dedicated to gut and immune health.

Who are the speakers?

  • Matevž Ambrožič. Marketing & PR Director at Hermes Consilium Ltd.
  • Clarisse Geraci, Product Manager at Gnosis by Lesaffre
  • Florian Mourey, Clinical Study Manager & Project Manager at Gnosis by Lesaffre

The webinar is available on-demand, free of charge until 20th of December 2022.

Watch it to learn about the local market growth, the drawbacks of current products, and the potential that branded and clinically studied biotic ingredients have shown in other markets.