Mar 13

Prebiotic solution for leaky gut

An unhealthy gut lining can trigger inflammation and disrupt the balance of gut flora, potentially leading to issues in the digestive tract and beyond. This is why Anagenix is presenting its prebiotic solution for leaky gut and inflammation in a webinar on Tuesday, March 26th at 11 AM.

Register to find out more about the vicious cycle of inflammation and dysbiosis in leaky gut syndrome and discover how a targeted prebiotic can be used to support the growth of butyrate-producing F. prau to reprogramme the microbiome and break the leaky gut cycle.

The webinar will focus on:

  • introduction to the leaky gut syndrome

  • the science behind leaky gut and its effect on the overall health

  • reprogramming the microbiome

  • F. Prau: the biomarker of a healthy gut and a key player in leaky gut repair

  • Livaux’s breakthrough: increasing F. Prau growth by 100%

  • market acceptance results

  • prebiotic-led approach to reprogramming the microbiome into an anti-inflammatory state for leaky gut support