Jan 16

Sensoril® – a patented, bioactive-enriched extract of Withania somnifera

Sensoril® is a patented, bioactive-enriched extract of Withania somnifera and the best‐selling extract of such kind in the market. Derived from a unique blend it is also available as organic and non‐GMO. Sensoril® has been present in the United States market for more than twelve years – supported with efficacy and safety studies.

Strong anti-stress, cognitive enhancing, anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-inflammatory activities reported in clinical studies.

  • Adaptogen properties, reduced fatigue and sleeplessness, increased energy
  • Improved parameters in stress and anxiety management
  • Improved cognitive and psychomotor performance, improved social cognition and attention
  • Positive effect on markers of cardiovascular disease, joint pain, inflammation, and analgesic activity
  • Without significant adverse effects
  • Suitable for sachets, stick packs, capsules, beverages


  • Vegetarian, organic and non-GMO
  • Self-affirmed GRAS
  • Prepared by a totally aqueous extraction process with 95% solubility in water
  • Roots and leaves gives a higher withanolide glycoside content; a patented discovery of Natreon
  • Protected by multiple U.S. and international patents
  • Kosher, Halal and Organic certified
  • Stable in dry powder form in sealed containers for 3 years