Sports nutrition is the fastest-growing consumer healthcare category in Eastern Europe.
Jul 11

Sports nutrition – the fastest-growing CHC category

Since 2021, consumers have returned to their pre-COVID 19 lifestyles. This caused the growth of sports nutrition category. The post-pandemic focus shift towards fitness happened in the CEE region as well.

“Many people have purchased sports nutrition products in the last 6 months. This highlights how the market is no longer associated with a specific audience of active sport participants. Instead it has become increasingly mainstream.” – FMCG Gurus, 2022

We have prepared a presentation with collected market data.

Key points:

  • from 2017-2022 sports nutrition had the highest CAGR of all the consumer health categories in the Eastern Europe (Euromonitor)

  • the category is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7,2% from 2022-2027 in the Eastern European countries (Euromonitor)

  • the number of consumers who exercise daily has risen since the pandemic

  • due to wearable technology advances and more public addressing of blood glucose regulation, weight management category has been gaining a lot of attention

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