Stress and sleep supplements are the fastest-growing dietary supplement category globally.
May 25

Stress and sleep – the fastest growing supplement category

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and sleep have become significant concerns for individuals seeking optimal well-being. As a result, the market for stress and sleep dietary supplements has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, both globally and within the CEE region.

European consumers are displaying a high interest in mood-enhancing and sleep-supporting products. However, their demand for effective solutions remains largely unmet, prompting them to actively seek new alternatives. This emerging trend presents a remarkable opportunity for brands to introduce premium products that offer added value.

We analyzed the market and prepared a presentation with collected data.

Key points:

  • mood/relaxing dietary supplements were the fastest-growing global dietary supplement category for 2 years in a row

  • stress and sleeping disorders have been in the top 3 consumer health concerns in the past years (Euromonitor)

  • 37% of European consumers said their stress levels became worse during the pandemic, this number is even higher in the CEE countries (STADA)

  • 56,8% of Polish consumers were looking for new sleep treatments in 2021 (Euromonitor)

  • in 2021, the most important factors that drive the attention of stress support supplement users were: 51% scientific support, 49% ingredient relevancy, and 47% price (Friesland Campina)

Increasing consumer interest in stress and sleep supplements and a growing need for product differentiation present a clear market opportunity for clinically studied branded ingredients in the CEE region.

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